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Solution: Google Nexus 5 – NFC not working

02 October 2014

Broken Screen on Nexus 5

Broken Screen on Nexus 5

A few days ago, I had my Nexus 5 screen and battery cover replaced. While the screen was definitely broken, I replaced the back cover for mere cosmetic reasons. After the replacement, neither NFC nor wireless charging worked. I must admit, I even bothered the retailer of the back pane and questioned whether it was an original LG Electronics spare part. However, after some more research, I found out that I still lacked the last step of the replacement procedure for the back cover!

The NFC antenna has to be re-attached upon changing the back panel. That is, one has to apply pressure to the NFC antenna in the upper center of the battery cover. It really worked for me. After some snapping sound, NFC functionality came back to life!



NFC in Nexus 5 not working after replacing the battery cover


pressing down on the upper center of the battery cover to re-attach the antenna.

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