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The following projects were mainly developed for my work at the University of Salzburg. Some projects are available under a free software license and can be obtained from my public git repository.


Autoc Alpha is a code submission plattform, which can be used to automatically run (unit-)tests on submitted program code. The main goal is to give an instant feedback on the quality and/or validity of the code submitted by students. read more


FontRenderer converts a text to polygonal data using the outline of a specified font. read more


The nxWindow library provides a simple interface for visualization of 2D data. It is based on OpenGL and freeglut and adds support for paning and zooming, along with the support of multiple layers and various drawing primitives. read more


PHPTar consists of a few simple classes that create tar-archives from within a web-application. It is written in PHP and basically defines a simple interface for adding files and folders. The current implementation supports packing individual files or complete folders into an archive. read more

VWA Template

We developed a LaTeX class that can be used for the final projects in Austrian highschools. read more

WordPress Plugins

A collection of WordPress plugins that I wrote together with my themes. The plugins can be used to mitigate some of the problems of a default WordPress installation. Currently, adding a lightbox, changing the gallery html output, several shortcodes and many more features are supported. read more

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